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Information on Medical Final Examination (LEK) and Medical-Dental Final Examination (LDEK)

Next LDEK is expected to be held on September 8th 2017 and next LEK - on September 23rd 2017.

The results of your LEK exam are available here
The results of your LDEK exam are available here

In accordance with the Act of 28 April 2012 amending the Act on Doctor's and Dentist's Profession, LEP and LDEP were replaced by the Medical Final Exam (Lekarski Egzamin Koncowy - LEK) and the Medical-Dental Final Exam (Lekarsko-Dentystyczny Egzamin Koncowy - LDEK). LEK and LDEK were held completing the first time in February 2013. Similarly to previous exams, only those who graduated from Polish Medical Universities after studies in English are entitled to take LEK/LDEK in English. In contrast to LEP/LDEP it is no longer necessary to obtain the limited license to practice. Only the university diploma is obligatory. LEK and LDEK are test examinations organized twice a year. Each consists of 200 multiple choice questions. LEK includes questions on:

There are at least 20 questions on oncology among questions on internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, as well as family medicine. There is no list of recommended handbooks to prepare for LEK in English. Therefore, it is advisable to use handbooks used during the studies.

LDEK includes questions on:

There are at least 20 questions on oncology among questions on endodontics, pedodontology, surgical stomatology, periodontology, and orthodontics.

Passing LEK or LDEK is necessary to obtain license to practice respectively medicine or dentistry in Poland, for those who graduated from a Polish medical university. Thus, as there is a considerable group of doctors who have completed their studies in English, it is possible to take LEK or LDEK also in English. Notice: only those who graduated from Polish medical universities after studies in English can take LEK or LDEK in English. In contrast to previous exams (LEP/LDEP) it is not necessary to obtain limited license to practice medicine (or dentistry) before taking LEK or LDEK.
The first step to take LEK or LDEK is filling the application form on SMK system. The form can be found on http://smk.ezdrowie.gov.pl/. After successful submission, a confirming message is sent. Please, do not send the application to the Regional Medical Chamber or CEM. The invitation letter with all details on the place of the exam will be sent by e-mail at least 14 days before the exam.
The deadline for applications is June 30th for September session and November 30th for February session.

We strongly advice to carefully read instructions for examinees before the exam. The same instructions are included in the examination booklet.
Terms of Ordinal Of the Medical Final Examination and the Medical-Dental Final Examination

Please note that questions from LEK or LDEK will not be published.
If you have any questions concerning LEK or LDEK in English please send us an e-mail.